Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Long Overdue Post.

I was done with the Short Sleeved Cardi that I loosely based on the Anthropologie Inspired Capelet. I lengthened the body and used a cute clasp that I found at JoAnn's. It was a fun and fast knit. I think I finished it in less than a week. I wore it twice already (without blocking it.. shhh!)

It's really pouring down here in Evansville. I am so happy that it cooled down and I absolutely love the rain. I love knitting or reading next to a window while sipping hot milk tea. Just perfect. While I'm enjoying the rain and the nippy air, I'm working on this:

The Cardigan is my own design. I wanted a nice empire waist, bell-sleeved garment that I can wear during the fall. I already bought three sets of clasps from JoAnn's put on the upper part of the cardigan. This is my fourth attempt at it and I hope it works this time. Phew!

Friday, October 12, 2007

New Project! Woohoo!

You can just tell what my current addiction is, no?

I picked up four more hanks of Malabrigo Worsted in the Oceanos colorway. I love it. I'm using it now to make a modified Anthropologie-Inspired Capelet which I will probably turn into an empire waist cardigan. Only time will tell.

In other news, it's getting chilly! Hurrah! No more walking around wanting to take my clothes off (probably not a very good idea in Evansville, or anywhere actually...) and I can finally wear something pretty and wooly and maybe retire my sandals until next summer.

Also, I finished another sweater for Connor. I modified the Malabrigo One Skein Baby Cardigan pattern. I didn't use the textured stitch pattern, I opted to do a one inch garter stitch hem and did the rest of it in stockinette stitch. I also didn't want to do another cardigan, so I worked the front as I did the back and just made a split in the middle. I used a metal Levi's button cut out of my husband's old pair of shorts and crocheted the loop and the trim on the neckline. It was so easy to do and I love it! I even have quite a bit of yarn left over for maybe a hat or a pair of bootees.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Finished Object, Work in Progress and My Growing Addiction

This was a fun knit. Though you do get apprehensive that you would run out of yarn one inch away from finishing the last sleeve. But I had none of those problems. In fact, instead of using a button and loop for closure, I crocheted two ties instead.

Malabrigo One Skein Baby Sweater
0-3 Months
Yarn Used:
Malabrigo Worsted in Verdes
US Size 9

And I'm working on another one! I originally wanted to make a hat out of the skein I had of Malabrigo Cypress, but I changed my mind. I'm not really a hat person anyway.

And dude, Ravelry is seriously like crack.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


I had a wonderful time yesterday knitting with Chris, Royale, Erin and Barbara at Panera yesterday. It was absolutely inspiring to see what those lovely ladies had on their needles. It really helps to be in the company of people who know what you're talking about and want to talk about. No more glazed looks from my long-suffering husband when I talk about how soft and vividly dyed my new cake of Malabrigo is. These ladies know and its veneration is like a naughty yarn lover secret. Hee.

Speaking of Malabrigo, I bought my first two hanks of it last Monday. I was desperate enough to ask Royale to take me to a yarn store so I could get the emerald yarn I was craving for. Now I'm pacified and absolutely in love with what I have.

The Current Work In Progress.

I am working on a One Skein Malabrigo Baby Cardigan in Verdes. I also bought Cypress, it is dyed such a deep green, it's almost black. Don't let the picture on the website fool you, it's much much more vivid in real life and so so so so soft! I have worked with wool, and most (if not all) of the wool I worked with felt scratchy or icky regardless of how expensive or popular it was. But this one feels like butter in your hands. If I had loads of cash to burn I would drown myself in this stuff.

I love it so much that I even scanned it. I'm so lame. Hahaha.

I had a doctor's appointment after the Panera Knitting session and an already wonderful day was made perfect when we were able to get to see his face clearly for the first time:

We couldn't believe it. The first sonograms showed that Connor looked like his dad and now with this, he looks exactly like me: nose, eyes and all (I just hope he gets his dad's height). We're so happy and excited. Now I'm even more inspired.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Gah. I am completely enthralled.

I just purchased the pattern for the Orchid Crocheted top over at Lily Go's blog. Ack. Another project lined up for me, but I don't care. It's gorgeous and completely doable in a short period of time since I crochet faster than I knit. Now to get the buttons! :D :D :D SQUEEHEE.

Ooh, the Sage Cardigan is also very pretty...