Friday, September 30, 2011

I shall call you HIPPIEDOOM!

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I bought 4.8 meters of Lecien's "My Folklore" quilting cotton on a whim a couple of weeks ago and I knew I had to make some kind of maxi dress with it. The fabric is a strange brownish eggplant with a blue and yellow flower motif and a really sweet looking border. I was also set on trying my hand at making a Gunne Sax-esque dress I've been drooling over at Etsy for the past couple of days.

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The whole dress is self-drafted, but heavily based on the Weisn Dirndl from Burdastyle. I love the princess armhole, the pleated looking skirt and the slightly puffed sleeves.

I made the princess armhole bodice from my basic sloper and added sleeves. I eliminated the button down at the front and put a zipper at the back. I embellished the front bodice with cotton lace, bias piping and bias tape before I sewed the pieces together. The bodice I drafted was a little too short, so I added a "belt" so the waistline would sit right at my waist instead of above it (I felt that a too-high waist made my own waist look bigger). I also pleated the skirt, rather than gather it.

And after about three days of sewing (about an hour a day, it was so hot in my sewing room),  voila!


I love this dress, the skirt has great swish and I feel pretty wearing it. The bodice fits me perfectly and my waist looks smaller than usual. Wearing it reminds me of my younger days as a Goth (though I am still a Goth, I'm hardly what you would call "young") when I used to wear long skirts even in tropical weather. This is definitely a wear-again for me, but now that I'm older, I'll wait for cooler weather.

Lyra, all of nineteen years old in 1999.

Monday, September 05, 2011

A New Dress for Mom

I got this very retro fabric from a very popular fabric store in Manila for CHEAP (less about USD1.75) It looks slightly canvas-y but it's very soft, unlike real canvas. I got about three yards without a real plan for it (I just fell in love with the cute geometric tree print)

Then last Saturday, I was inspired and made this:

I don't plan to do anything fancy to it. It has an exposed metal zipper which I installed by hand because I was in the mood for pain. I still need to install the facing and finish the hem. I'm quite happy with it. It fits my mom and I perfectly and REALLY sucks all those loose bits in, since the fabric is sturdy like canvas, but soft and smooth but not shiny like fine cotton broadcloth or high quality quilting cotton. That's me modelling the unfinished dress, but I'm hoping that my mom would be willing to model this for me when I've got everything installed (facings and waist stay) and all the loose threads snipped.