Friday, August 04, 2006


And guess what? I'm working on yet another one. Mwahahahahaha.

Today's my day off (oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I got a job. YAY.) and I spent the whole day watching DVD's and finishing a doily using variegated blue thread. Beautiful. The doily is called "Cataract" and I think the variegated blue thread is definitely a fitting color for it.

In other news, I miss my husband. He left for Evansville last Tuesday to take care of things back there. He'll be back this January for good, so it's okay. It seems so long, but I think with this job and all my hobbies keeping me busy, time will be pass quickly. He will be with me again and I can hug and kiss him all I want. I am definitely looking forward to it.


Molly N. said...

Love the new doily. Which size and type of thread and hook did you use?

Odd Little Lyra said...

Hi Molly! I used a number seven steel hook and Monaco Raylon thread. I think the size of the thread is 10 (bedspread). I got the pattern from Madonna Crochet Magazine number 6. Thanks so much for the lovely comment! Hope to hear from you soon.

Anonymous said...

Raylon? Is that a synthetic thread? I've never heard of it, but I am new to crochet so I'm still learning. :D

Odd Little Lyra said...

I think Raylon is a cotton/rayon blend. It's a feels a little different from pure cotton crochet thread, the drape and sheen is different too. I love it.

But I think Raylon is only available in the Philippines. Oops.

lavenderjunkie said...

Hi, I just bought 6 cones of Monaco Raylon from Carolina's in SM Megamall (in Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines for overseas folks). They're PhP 130 for a 200gm cone (roughly USD 3 each?). They're a lovely silky beige.

Love the doily!

I intend to make double-strand knit placemats (set for 8) with the Raylon in time for my mother's birthday in October. I have no idea what stitch or pattern I'll use yet, but I know I may use 3.0mm or 3.25mm needles.