Thursday, April 10, 2008

Good Grief! It's been a while!

I have been so busy with Connor that I have neglected my poor knitting blog *pets knitting blog* Anyhoo, I do have some finished objects to show for. I had to choose very easy projects so I could put them down in a moment's notice when Connor needs something (he's asleep in his swing right now).

So here's what I have to show so far (the rest haven't been photographed):

Silk Granny Square Baby Blanket
Yarn: Amerah (Ravelry) in Lush, 10 balls. I didn't really like working with this yarn, but the results are WORTH it, ohmehgeh.
Regular Granny Square. One square per ball of yarn. (I made nine square and used one ball for the edging.)

The Mutant Tiramisu Baby Blanket
Yarn: Cascade Sierra (Ravelry). I looooove this yarn. If I had more money to burn I would buy a whole truck of this in all the colors and bury myself in it (that and Malabrigo). I have some left so I think I'll make a nice cardigan for me to wear on our flight to the Philippines (airports DO get cold).
Pattern: I based it on the Tiramisu Baby Blanket from Posie Gets Cozy. Instead of single crochet stitches that the pattern calls for, I did it in double crochet. Quick quick quick.

In other news, I just bought yarn to make something for myself. I've been looking obsessively at the gorgeous colorwork stuff on Ravelry and I decided to make one for myself. Sooo, I picked Interweave Knits' Venezia Pullover because I'm crazy and I want to make myself crazier. I'm using Kauni Effektgarn 8/2 (Ravelry) in the Rainbow colorway (EQ) and Knitpicks Palette (Ravelry) in Black.

Okee, I have to leave now. Crying baby. Toodles. Mwah!


Oiyi said...

Connor is adorable! Love the 2 blankets. I plan on making the Tiramisu blanket when I have more time.

Lyra said...

Hey thanks! I think so (but I'm biased). I would love to see the Tiramisu Baby Blanket when you're done. It was definitely a fun project.

Cute puppy! :D :D :D

Dreaming Knitter said...

Hi Lyra, cute baby and lovely blankets!

I've just tagged you with a knitting blog meme, "Six things you like to do" at my blog,

Hope you find time to blog :-)

Happy Bobmas Day!