Monday, January 24, 2011

So Much To Blog About!

It just occurred to me an hour ago that I DID have a blog and I have been neglecting it. So here I am, shameless tea-drinking exhibitionist trying to figure out how to update my blog and cover the important events of 2010.

To start, Fashion School! I made plenty of projects to complete my requirement and I'm going to showcase them here. Some of my projects were surprisingly good, given my time and budget. Then there were others that I want to shove in a closet and forget about. I'll showcase those duds here too.

Second, my family is complete again! My husband flew in from the US to be with us and we couldn't be happier. Connor's demeanor changed overnight. From being withdrawn and silent, he's once again a happy, giggly, excited little boy who is starting to talk more and more and more.

Third, projects outside the school! I still can't believe it. People have approached me to design and sew for them. It is very exciting seeing that I've always bemoaned the fact that my style borders on the old-fashioned (i.e. Victorian, Edwardian etc) and can't really be as trendy or cutting edge as my classmates. No matter, no one seems to be complaining.

Fourth, new machines OMG! I recently got a nice, second-hand Juki industrial and edging machine. They work like a dream! My industrial sews well and sews through anything and my serger is so easy to thread! I still use my portable white Singer for decorative stitches and light sewing, but my two Jukis are such wonderful workhorses, so completely different from my slow and limited white plastic Singer Disc-o-matic. Did I also mention that I was able to restore my grandmother's sewing machine as well? It's all just awesome.

Fifth, costuming and my growing love and obsession for bustles and Victorian corsets. I could go on and on all day about bustles and corsets. I made some and I'm making entries about it in the coming days and weeks.

Sixth, (and most important) Connor Connor Connor! He turned three last December and he is growing like a weed. He is a tall and sturdy little boy who loves to ride his bike for hours and hours. He's less picky about what he eats and laughs and laughs at the silliest things. He is the reason why life is so good and getting much much better.

And for your viewing pleasure, a preview of some of the pictures of come:

Black Leatherette Evening Dress with Brass Rivets that I made for my Illustration 3 collection called "Her Majesty's Airship"

This dress was made before I got my Juki and I made this on my Singer Disc-o-matic using lots of baby powder and swear words.

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