Saturday, February 12, 2011

1940's Swing Dress (Part 1) =FABRIC!

I just finished taping together all 45 sheets of Sense and Sensibility's 1940's Swing Dress Pattern. It wasn't very hard, just a little tedious. I also had to be a little more careful so each page lined up. 

And now that stuff I'm excited about: FABRIC! Some of these are in my stash and some I bought recently. For once in my life, I went to my favorite fabric store and I knew just what I wanted. There was no waffling, or dilly-dallying or internal debate. I knew I wanted wildcat prints and I was determined to get it. I kinda felt like Cruella, with her obsession for Dalmatian fur. I have been compared to her several times in my life, but that's another journal entry.

My newest acquisition.

This is leftover from the S&M looking dress I designed for a fabric store a couple of months ago.

The picture does not do it justice at all. This fabric looks and feels so yummy.
 Difficult to photograph red Crepe and its lining of red Geena.
And while I was browsing in my favorite fabric store (with wildcat fabric in one hand, already cut) I spotted this:
Dia De Los Muertos cotton!
This fabric is going to be a nice, fat bottomed kiss-lock purse one day. Or I could use round bamboo handles, time will tell. I can even use the patched scraps of wildcat print fabric to line it, who knows?

So now I'm torn. Which fabric am I going to use for this Swing Dress? Which wildcat print? Or if the wildcat print is not 40's enough or would not work at all, and I should just stick to the red crepe? Or should I get an entirely different fabric altogether? Decisions, decisions! 


P. Maiba said...

Hah! Would you believe, I can see the Day of the Dead print as the '40s dress.

Lyra said...

Aww! I only have a yard of it and it was the last yard of the store. Huhuhuh.

Gabriela Von Bohlen said...

Came across your blog, it's very interesting. I love Victorian fashion.