Tuesday, February 08, 2011

On My Want List: LEOPARD!

Fabric from Golden Silks
I am so crazy about leopard right now. I have been for months and months and never got off my ass to get some leopard print fabric. It all started when I was doing a collection for my Illustration 3 class last July(?) that was based on Bettie Page fetish pictures. Who could forget that wonderfully incandescent woman with the bangs in the leopard swimsuit and the housecoat? I could not, for sure. I vowed to have at least ONE article of clothing, made by myself, in that beautiful pattern  someday (like, tomorrow)

My sister Nuni and I have been talking about making the ULTIMATE leopard sewing project and we agreed that it was the jacket that Nana Oosaki wore during an impromptu performance on their dining table (and also in a flashback involving a cake and a stolen kiss) in the based from a manga movie Nana (2005) Can you imagine what a nightmare sewing that faux fur and lining it will be? HA! I shall prevail! But first, we have to get the fabric. We found a tiny little shop that sells it in one of our favorite haunts. Last we checked, faux fur like that was selling at about USD6.00 a yard.

Jacket for sale at Refuse To Be Usual on Ebay.

I even found a video of her singing with the jacket on! WHEEE! (It's starts at about 1:45)

ETA: I found this on Love.Design.Life and thought it was perfect:

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