Saturday, July 09, 2011

Sew Retro: Sewing A Bombshell Dress

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I recently enrolled in an online sewing class called Sew Retro taught by Gertie of Gertie's New Blog For Better Sewing. I have to say I am really enjoying it. The class teaches you to make the BurdaStyle Bustier Dress with the weird looking bath lily front drape omitted. I find the process of making a dress from start to finish seriously fascinating and I can't wait till I get done taping my pattern together so I can start my own Bombshell dress. Gertie guides you through taping up your pattern, making a muslin, fitting the bodice using draping techniques and sewing the actual garment. She is engaging and she really knows her stuff. I like her teaching style, it's casual. Like you're old friends and she's right there next to you, patiently explaining the importance of hand basting. The class is just a goldmine of information, resulting in a lot of of A-HA! moments for me, for sure. I won't give much away, suffice to say I learned so much from those 15 videos and I'm eager to learn more. I hope she makes more classes!

BurdaStyle's Bustier Dress.

Anyway, you can take the class over at Craftsy. I think they're having a 50% off special. 


Rosy said...

I hope you enjoy your classes and I'm anxious to see your new dress pump, however, I laughed a lot with your previous post and the antics of your prince.

Lyra said...

Heehee! Thanks, Rosy! It's going slow, thanks to my little boy. But being with him is fun, so no worries. The class is really fun too, I'm so glad I took it. <3

bombshell dresses said...

Wow!The saint pink bombshell dress is what I was looking for.