Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Downton Progress!

Last weekend and my Monday and Tuesday have been busy busy busy! I cut the bodice fabrics for the 1910s Tea Gown, basted, crazily decided to do the whole thing by hand (just needle and thread, no machines)and all this happened while I rewatched Downton Abbey and American Horror story.

Baste baste baste!

I'm especially proud of the sleeves. I overcasted the side of the bodice by hand.

A closer look at the lace. The solid black fabric is the Italian Satin I bought on the whim with no clear idea what to do with it. So glad I finally found a use for it.
Then tomorrow, I'm going to be marking and cutting all those skirts and overskirts.

The next part of my progress is this:

My husband and I on our wedding day, April 15, 2005
I bought the dress from David's Bridal. It was on a sale rack with the other bridesmaid gowns, the last piece of that style and wonderfully marked down. It was the only champagne colored, historically inspired and slim dress in the whole jumble of stark white strapless voluminous A-lines. It had an overskirt, yo. Then I tried it on and it fit PERFECTLY. 

While the silhouette of the dress was gorgeous, it lacked in embellishment. So off I went to Joanns and Hobby Lobby to find beads that matched the sparse beading that was already on the dress. I only had two weeks to embellish my wedding dress. (Yeah, two weeks. That's another long story) So off my inept self went. I was able to bead only what was needed, but nothing beyond that. It took me forever, I have never sewn or beaded anything before. Then I got married and put the dress away. I only had a small amount of regret for not being able to finish the embroidery and beading.

Seven years and loads of sewing and beading experience later, I decided to pick it up again. 

This is the dress before I beaded anything on it. Photo taken in late March, 2005
My Work In Progress. I really would like to fill the whole bodice with pretty pretty silver beads.
Photo taken today, January 31, 2012.
 I am quite happy with how it turned out. I had no set pattern to follow and it was so much fun to do. I cannot wait to finish both these dresses.

I am thinking of beading the black 1910s Tea Gown with black beads and crystals. What do you think?


Wendy said...

How exciting, I love that you have made a start on your Downton Dress, and your bead work is utterly gorgeous!!! X

Lyra said...

Thank you, Wendy! I am so excited! :D

Mahala said...


Lyra said...

Wah! Thanks, Mahala! <3 <3 I miss you!

Rosy said...

Oh, Lyra .... let me say that you have prodigious hands .... I am really impressed with all the things you is able to make .... Wow!

Lyra said...

Thank you so much, Rosy! I can say the same thing about you. :) I love everything you make!

heatherphillips315 said...

<< Just slightly in AWE. What beautiful work! You must have such a delicate, skilled hand with the needle. HOW did you keep the chiffon overlay from pulling or puckering? Please tell, I have tried beading before (because it's magnificent when done tastefully) and I have never been fulling happy with the results.