Monday, July 10, 2006

My Current Work In Progress: The Pink Lace Halter

This is the diagram I based the lace pattern of the halter on. It was originally a pattern for a pillowcase, so I might do that project for real. The book is called Madonna Crochet Volume 6, published by Goodwill Bookstore, in 1968. I'm extremely lucky to have found copies of it. I remember Mom and Grandmama having magazines back in the day and I also remember leafing through it without having any idea what the diagrams meant or what it was for. I think I was about three or four years old (I'm twenty-six now...gah. How ancient.)

This is where I started. I was taking the babies out to the mall and I found mercerized cotton thread in the cutest hot pink. My sister and I adored it, so I bought two balls (enough for a bikini top) and started crocheting the first half of the bikini in Seattle's Best while waiting for Daddy to pick us up.

One half done! Have I mentioned how much I adore this color? I'm not a pink person. In fact, my closet is just a huge blob of black. This pink is too cute to pass up, though. This is perhaps the first (and maybe the last) pink project I'm going to be working on. I might change my mind about working with pink again, who knows?

The lace pattern is showing up quite nicely. I thought it would be a complete bore to do. I don't really like repetitive patterns, but this one changes often and it's not too confusing, so I like it. I can do it while watching TV and my hands would be on autopilot. I would look down on what I've done and I would see that I would have made a four inch progress. Coolness. It is to me anyway. :D


Reminder: go dig up your old spools of Cannon Crochet Cotton. The Marguerite Project will take about (gulp) 25 spools to finish.

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