Sunday, July 09, 2006


I was in Megamall the other day with the two babies and I found a small craft store (it's called Craft World, I think) next to Megamall's large toystore. Being one to never ever pass up an opportunity to browse a craft store, I looked through their stuff and I found a crochet booklet with this pattern:

It's a pattern for my late-grandmother's Marguerite Bedspread!

The one my grandmother had originally is gone forever and I resigned myself to trying to decipher the stitches in the only hexagon motif I inherited. My two aunts (her two daughters) have one finished bedspread each, but she was working on my Daddy's blanket when Grandmama died. I can finally finish Grandmama's bedspread for Daddy.

Damn, I'm so


Anonymous said...

I have that very book or at least one with this bedspread on the cover! My mother told me that she promised to make the pattern for HER mother. My gran died in 1938, before I was born.

I learned to crochet making this block. The original pattern and my test block were lost in the 60's.

I was happy to find the it again in 1980. And now that I am retired, I think I will give it a shot.

The confusing thing is this ... translating the supply requirement of "72 balls" or "92 balls". What size is a ball?

I will watch your blog with interest.

Lyra said...

Hi there! Thank you for visiting my blog.

I was a little confused by the requirements too. In the Philippines, you can buy cotton crochet thread in 50 gram balls, with 175 meters long. Sounds about right if you need about 92 balls of it for a large bedspread. But I also have cones of white cotton crochet thread in my stash that I'm using for this project.

My plan is that if I get to finally put these together, I'm going to put the blanket through a light light tea bath. My grandmother also did it because she didn't like her covers so starkly white. I can't guarantee it'll work for me though! Haha.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!