Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Sweater!

Now that we have room, I've been busy knitting and doing things that I really love to do. The sweater is a top-down raglan sleeved hybrid made out of SWTC Oasis Soysilk yarn in Cream (which turned yellow when I put the white crochet trim on the edges, Ooops) I used US #6 needles and about fourteen vintage buttons bought from an Antique Mall in Evansville. I used Canon Crochet Cotton Thread and a number 8 steel hook for the lace trim.

I have to admit, I did not like knitting with the Soysilk at all. It felt nice in the ball, but it was not fun to knit with. The finished product was worth the trouble though, the drape is fantastic and it clings to your figure very nicely.

Many many thanks to Nuni for modelling it.


Bug said...

Super cute! Would love to wear this in the spring.

Lyra said...

Thanks Ms Bug! :D It hasn't been blocked yet so it's a bit on the disfigured side. :D It's definitely great to wear in the springtime (and airconditioned summer).