Thursday, August 06, 2009


Cuteness by my sister Nuni. That's me on the right, yo.

So we watched Nine Inch Nails live last night and it can only be described as AWESOME. Trent Reznor is amazing to watch live and we were close enough to see him really move. I could see his muscles tensing, I could see sweat and water running down his body, I could see how wet his clothes are and how supple his mouth is, I could see his fingers form the chords of those gorgeous songs (yes, yes, I realize I sound like a creepy stalker, but that's my hormonal teenage voice talking) I first encountered NIN in 1995. I was fifteen years old and to nobody's surprise, a very confused and angst-ridden little shit. Nine Inch Nails were one of the top groups in my long list of bands that expressed my teenage rage better than I ever could. This concert was something long overdue and for two or more hours, I felt like a teenager again, experiencing lust and giddiness for the first time.

We expected more recent songs to be played since we figured they were sick of playing songs from more than a decade ago. We were also told by American and European friends of a friend (*cough*Annelyn*cough*) to expect more recent work to be sung. But no! They played several songs from The Downward Spiral, it was more than we could have ever expected. I am ecstatic about hearing Dead Souls, Closer, Gave Up, Head Like A Hole, Hurt and I'm Afraid of Americans played live. It's even better when he is only a couple of feet away, my darlings. I will never forget this. It was amazing.

-On my bed, sore from all the headbanging, with an aching throat but enthralled as all HECK. STILL.

ALSO: Front rows tickets are always worth it. HA!

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