Saturday, March 26, 2011

Outfit of the Day: The Black Crepe Dress

Black Crepe 40s Dress. Black patent belt from Divisoria, ballet wedge shoes from CLN, dark purple tights from my sock drawer.

Just a quick outfit post. I had coffee a couple of days ago with my friend Carla who was leaving for New York the next morning ( I'm gonna miss your face, you crazy strumpet !!!)  and this is what I wore. I couldn't find a single seamed stocking in the magic sock drawer so I opted to wear dark purple tights instead. This is the third outfit of my no-jeans-rehab. I just wish I could get more stuff done sewing-wise, but with a three year old who has a fascination with pins, it's very hard.

In other news, I found this bedsheet in our Canlubang house, buried under our collection of inane looking-towels:

Super soft after a bajillion washes.
I have no idea if it's vintage or not. I do foresee a flowery border shirtdress in my future. Mwahahaha. Perhaps mimicking the dress style of the girl on the extreme right:

BEAUTIFUL. Look at her cute wedges!

Speaking of shoes, I need new ones. I ALWAYS need new ones. So I'm off to find the perfect pair(s). 


Mommy Tricia said...

Love it!!! :) I'm addicted to platforms and oxfords now hehehe.

Lyra said...

I'm looking for a good pair of heeled brogues or oxfords, actually. Much like the ones I had *cough* in the 90's. *coughcough* Ya know, the ones with the cute 2 inch heels? I may just go to Cubao. I'm getting tired of the hunt. @_@

Rosy said...

A lovely dress, I understand you with your three year old, I had the same problem, but they grow so fast .... love your work clothes so beautiful that you do.

Lyra said...

Oh yes they do! Sometimes I wonder where the last three years went, because yesterday he was only an infant. I wouldn't trade the sticky kisses and crayon lined floors for the all the sewing time in the world though. :)
Thank you for the lovely comment. *hugs*

Mahala said...

Loving the fall of the skirt!