Tuesday, April 05, 2011

I have no idea where this came from...

...but I suddenly developed a MAD MAD MAD obsession with Nautical Dresses. Looks like I'm gonna be paying a visit to my favorite seamstress this weekend with navy fabric and red and white trim.

I seem to have some kind of sewing curse on me as of late. Anytime I try to sew or embroider for myself, something ALWAYS comes up. If I try to draw or paint or even read (YAYHUNGERGAMES) I am for the most part, undisturbed. Fortunately, I have the same good luck when I'm sewing something for a client or a friend. It's (whatever it is) just not in favor of me making my own clothes right now. The white surplice dress I blogged about a billion years ago is still very much unfinished (the front and back are done, but the side seams are not sewn together and a zipper has not been installed) and I fear it's going to stay that way until Christmas. (Please no.)

As always, I shall prevail. Somewhat.

I apologize for being kinda incoherent. Too much chocolate and sailor-y/nautical goodness, I guess. :)

PS All of these pictures are from my hard drive. I have no idea where I got these from anymore (I was on a right-click-save spreee) If any of these pictures are yours email me at lyra_kristine *at* yahoo *dot* com or comment on this blog so I can take it down or give you credit. Thanks!


pmaiba said...

I like! I think that the black one (3rd from last) will suit you best. As will the 4th and 8th from last. :) Very nice!

Have you seen this site yet? http://www.kci.or.jp/archives/digital_archives/index_e.html

I saw the bathing suits featured and thought of you >D


Lyra said...

OHMYGOD! Checking it out NEVER occured to me! Thanks Bru! <3 *drools*

Mahala said...

omg sailor fuku! I love them all but I really adore the one with the star buttons and the red blouse with shorts.

I do agree with PM, the black ones suit you very well. If you want to put a spin on them you could swap out the colour schemes to red with a black tie and white trim? Red with black trim and a white tie? Trolololol...

Lyra said...

So many options! PHEW! I can't wait to have a sailor fuku. <3 I really am considering the one with the star buttons, only in black since I don't have a single stitch of dark blue in my large-ish stash. It's a mountain of black and red. Kekeke.

Have you ever seen Hell Girl or Jigoku Shōjo something like that? She has a cuuuute fuku. And Blood the last Vampire too, of course. I think I like Blood's better. There's hardly any white. I think. ^o^