Monday, March 14, 2011

Outfit of the Day: The Red Cross Shirtdress

This is what I wore today. The dress is patterned after the "Grey Lady" American Red Cross Uniform of World War 2 in Japanese cotton fabric from Cotton Depot, Glorietta 5. The print is a bunch fans and flowers on a pretty jade background. The wedges are from Salsatrends, a local brand (I believe) and my black leather kiss-lock purse is from Alfa Delon.

I am slowly taking jeans out of my life (except when it's absolutely necessary, like when I have to go to certain dirty areas where wearing a skirt is simply NOT an option) I've always wanted a shirt-dress, but none of the shirt-dresses I've seen in the malls or online really appealed to me. Nothing looked right, there was always a catch. It was either too baggy, too drab, too bright, too thin, too short, too shiny, too scratchy... etc. I didn't want a drab, baggy boyfriend shirt dress, I'm a big girl (circumference-wise anyway. I'm kinda short, height-wise) and a drab, baggy boyfriend shirt dress is not going to do me any favors. So I looked to the past (as I always do) and I came across these pictures from the blog Unsung Sewing Patterns:

Photo from

Photo from

I was sold. A buttoned belt! Pockets! A flattering Princess style line! Tiny epaulets! Fantastic. My seamstress was also pleased because it was an easy dress to make (as opposed to the more complicated dresses I have her sew for my clients when I'm too busy with other things or too swamped with other projects to sew it myself) I love my seamstress. She does such excellent work. 

Pictures taken using my Blackberry camera phone. It was already late afternoon and the light was just mehhh. Better pictures coming soon!


The Running Knitter said...

Love the dress! You are so talented!

Lyra said...

Thanks so much, my friend! How are you? I miss you much! :D

Mahala said...

Oh, those classic lines. Like time-travelling, only with style instead of science. ♥

Lyra said...

Mahala: I WISH I had the science to time travel! It's alright though, I shall just content myself with dresses I reproduce from vintage patterns. XD

Heyyy! Do you still want those colored tights? Email me!

shangel said...

Where did you find a pattern for the dress?