Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Outfit of the Day: La Dia De Los Muertos Sunday's Best

Day of the Dead Blouse, me; High-waist pleated skirt, me; shoes by Kenneth Cole; kiss-lock purse by Alfa Delon; Cuban-heeled seamed stockings from Annelyn (heehee!); all my jewelry from my bling-loving mom.
This is what I wore last Sunday (March 20th 2011) to little Zoe's baptism. Remember that yard and a half of Day of the Dead fabric I bought on a whim? I wanted to turn it into a purse in the beginning (I was even able to locate a long lost silver kiss-lock frame just for that purpose!) but decided I would get more use out of this material if I used it for a garment. Fortunately, I had some cream colored cotton scraps available for the collar and the sleeve bands, so I didn't have to buy any more fabric. I finally used the vintage buttons I have been hoarding for the longest time on this thing.

Festive Dead!
The skirt was made out of black crepe with vintage buttons used as fastenings. No zippers here! I wanted box pleats for the skirt because... well, I kinda like box pleats. They look so... academic. And this skirt has terrific twirl, without exposing my ohsosehksay granny panties underneath (I kid... not really) I was also inspired by the high waisted 40's trousers and skirts from the 1940s. Almost everyone is into low-waisted skirts and trousers these days and I'm kinda tired of it. I figured, what the heck right?

Lipstick is MAC's Russian Red, which I am rapidly running out of. Must go to a nearest MAC soon!

The combination of puff sleeves and a high waist may or may not work for some people and it may not even work for me, but I'm just so happy with it. 

The priest is late.

My Cuban-heeled stockings in action.

My pretentious "fashion" blogger pose AKA the priest is REALLY REALLY late, I am very very hungry and these normally comfortable heels are killing me.

The baptism was a chaotic affair. There were about a dozen kids of different ages and sizes that were freaking out from the sheer amount of people, all that waiting for the priest who never showed up (another priest had to take over) and most of all, the heat. I was so glad I was wearing a skirt. At least I was somewhat ventilated. 

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